Making Disciples Like Jesus with Joshua Edwards

Who do we consider as a model for making disciples? This week we have a conversation with Joshua Edwards about what it means to be making disciples like Jesus. The Four Chairs is a visual that Sonlife uses to talk about where people are on the disciple making process and we dive into that today. …

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wilderness ministry

Learning Outside The Classroom with Joel Vermillion

How much learning outside the classroom do you use in your ministry? This week we sit down with Joel Vermillion and talk about his 30 years in wilderness ministry leadership. Disciple-making is more than just teaching. While information is important, how and when we teach are also important. Joel has a passion for mentoring and …

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Val O'Brien

Bridging the Generation Gap with Val O’Brien

This week we sit down with Val O’Brien to talk about bridging the generation gap in disciple making. It’s a great conversation with insights on making disciples through the generations.

Jesus in Isolation with Michelle Montenegro

Recently we had the chance to sit down with Michelle Montenegro and talk about Jesus in isolation. Michelle is part of Singular, a partner ministry of Sonlife in South America. She serves in Costa Rica with her husband Lisandro. In our conversation Michelle shares about the women disciples of Jesus and her role investing in …

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Alan Fadling

Living at the Pace of Grace with Alan Fadling

If we are always working on the next thing, always producing another event, always trying to make a difference, always giving, when are we taking time to sit and be with God. To inhale the grace he gives? On this month’s episode, we have Alan Fadling. He is the founder and President of Unhurried Living …

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Pastor Jeff Wells

Leading through Change with Pastor Jeff Wells

Today we’re talking about leading through change. Our guest is Jeff Wells, Lead Pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church in Spring, Texas. He is an avid runner (with several first place marathon finishes) and author of these books- Breaking Free of OCD: My battle with Mental Pain and How God Rescued me. Unhurried Time With God …

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Dann Spader

The History of Sonlife with Dr. Dann Spader

What a great way to start our new podcast. On this episode we catch up with Dann Spader, Sonlife’s founder and global ambassador. Dann shares his honest reflections and lessons learned over the past 50 years of ministry. The insights are priceless.

Sonlife Trailer | Season ONE

Hello friends! We’ll be dropping new podcasts to help guide us in disciple-making into today’s changing culture. A lot has changed in the past few weeks and Sonlife wants to walk with you as we discover the timeless truths of disciple-making. One thing is true that we can remain confident in, Jesus never changes. Stay …

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