Faithful Leadership with Daniel Goble

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This week we are talking faithful leadership with Daniel Goble. We discuss being faithful where God has called us, walking with people through the hard times, and how hard moments in ministry can lead to potential breakthrough.

Daniel is the associate pastor at Grace Evangelical Free Church in Colville, WA where he has served since 2009. He has a Masters in Theology and a Masters of Divinity and is wrapping up his dissertation for his Doctorate in Counseling and Psychology.

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Quotes from the episode:

I think you’ve got to take people along side-by-side and you gotta be with them in the hard times of their lives. You gotta stand side by side with them and you can’t quit on them.
– Daniel Goble
Sometimes the hardest moments you’ll ever face in ministry are your greatest potential breakout moments.
– Daniel Goble
Sometimes you forget, you get caught up in the world of pastoral work and sometimes you start off with a good heart, but you can get caught up in running programs, you can get caught up in so task-driven that you just drowned in it.
– Daniel Goble