Where Is Your Identity with Micah Foster

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Today we discuss where is your identity with Micah Foster. It can be easy for ministry leaders to find identity in our ministry roles, but what happens when, whether by our choices or the choices of others, our ministry role changes. We talk about Micah’s ministry journey and where God is leading him now.

Micah has been a youth pastor and a church planter. He resides in Fresno, CA with his family and is launching into a new venture as an entrepreneur. 

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Quotes from the episode:

And so some people would look at that and be like, well, you abandoned your call or you abandoned this thing that God put on your heart. And I look at it as God doesn’t usually call us into one thing for forever.
– Micah Foster
Is my call to be a paid full-time ministry person or is my call to lead people to Jesus and follow him in any way that I can and whatever opportunity you brings before me.
– Micah Foster
Just being an influence in a different sphere, instead of focusing all of our influence inside the walls of the church, try to create spheres of influence or break into spheres of influence outside the walls of the church.
– Micah Foster