The Power of Story with Gwynne Gardner

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We’re talking about the power of story with Gwynne Gardner today. We discuss how sharing stories of what God is doing in our lives is a powerful tool. We also learn about how Josiah Venture is using stories from their team and what God is doing in Central and Eastern Europe.

Gwynne has served with Josiah Venture in Slovenia and Czech Republic since 2011 and is currently their Social Media Manager. She has a desire to see the gospel advance through the media highway and to use social media as a platform to tell young people across Central and Eastern Europe all about Jesus.

Josiah Venture Stories

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Quotes from the episode:

When you ask someone, hey, can I tell you how God has changed my life? Usually they’re willing to listen, they’re interested.
It connects to our emotions gives emotion to information. When you’re hearing a story that you really connect with, it connects with your heart, it maybe connects with something you’re going through personally.
I think personally, as a disciple maker, you need to be open and vulnerable about what you’re going through in life.