Perseverance In Youth Ministry with Bill Winton

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Today we’re discussing perseverance in youth ministry with Bill Winton. Bill has been the middle school pastor at his church for 22 years and has leaders on his team that have been with him for over a decade. We discuss middle school ministry and the power of win, build, equip, multiply.

Bill is the Middle School Director and Director of Missions at Christian Family Chapel in Jaxonville, FL.

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How Jesus Made Disciples

Quotes from the episode:

We don’t want everybody to work in our middle school ministry. They’ll be miserable and then they’ll make us miserable. We need people that are sort of wired that way.
– Bill Winton 
Do not live a life that you need a conference, you know, if you never go to a conference, you’ll be okay. If you learn to replenish yourself.
– Bill Winton
And so that’s the method for making disciples, so we try to spend as much time with them. And again, it’s middle-school they don’t always get it.
– Bill Winton