Reaching Gen Z with Jordan Whitmer

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Today we talk about reaching Gen Z with Jordan Whitmer. Jordan is a Gen Z leader with a heart for leading his generation to Christ. We talk about what works in reaching Generation Z and his experience in ministry to this generation.

Jordan is leading the HowToLife Movement and taking the hope of Jesus to his generation. The movement started when he was 16 and empowers students to share the good news of Jesus.

HowToLife website

Jordan’s Instagram

Barna’s Gen Z resources

Quotes from the episode:

And it’s all just young people from gen Z that are stepping up saying, hey, we want to do something to reach our generation. – Jordan Whitmer
We can’t just take the same old programs and platforms that maybe worked in the fifties or the eighties or the two thousands even, or even the 2010s and think that, that we can take those and just apply them to gen Z. – Jordan Whitmer
And then I would say perhaps one of the biggest things that has happened in these last two years, that a lot of people aren’t very aware of is just a huge spreading of the gospel on social media, particularly TikToK and TikToK has become the most influential platforms. – Jordan Whitmer