Building Relationships with Nathan Glover

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This week we’re talking about building relationships with Nathan Glover of Urban Impact. We discuss the win, build, equip, multiply model that they have used and the importance of training others to make disciples.

Nathan is the director of training center with Urban Impact. He has been either in or leading Urban Impact programs since he was 7 years old. He spent time participating and volunteering throughout his childhood before joining the staff in his early twenties. 

Urban Impact Youtube

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Urban Impact misstion trip

Master Plan for Evangelism

Quotes from the show:

And then of course the ultimate goal is to bridge them to churches because you can graduate Urban Impact but you can’t graduate from the church. – Nathan Glover
When there’s so many other things that you can do, trying to help people embrace their greatest need, which is their spiritual need is so hard to do. – Nathan Glover
One of the things that Urban Impact is all about is getting in the spaces that people are already in. – Nathan Glover