Caring For Your Soul with Trey Van Camp

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This week we’re talking about caring for your soul with Trey Van Camp. As leaders we must be sure that we are spending time with Jesus so that we can lead others well. Trey talks about his journey with spiritual disciplines and how he incorporates the practices into his own life and helps others to do the same.

Trey is a pastor, church planter and YouTube creator from Arizona, where he resides with his wife and three daughters.

Trey’s YouTube

Celebration of Discipline (book)

Mansions of the Heart (book)

Invitation to a Journey (book)

Quotes form the episode:

All this favor, it’s already ours in Christ Jesus. This grace is ours, but the practices makes space for that grace. So we can actually bring it up, unearth it so we can get rid of the flesh and put on Christ. – @TreyVanCamp
It’s not about a reading plan, It’s about a reading pace. And so what we try to say is figure out how much time you can give the Lord. And don’t worry if you finish the chapter or if you read the whole Bible in a year. – @TreyVanCamp
I need to abstain from food, I need to abstain from pleasure because it’s actually like what I’m looking for is only found in Jesus. And me pursuing these things only leads me into even more depression and heartache and sorrow. – @TreyVanCamp