Reproducing Disciples with Bill Hodgson

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This week we talk about reproducing disciples with Bill Hodgson. The conversation covers how to equip folks in our ministry to make disciples, the problem with some evangelism training, and how to move from a ministry mindset to a moment mindset. Thanks for checking out the episode.

Bill is the National Strategy Director with Power to Change in Australia. He teaches and trains on disciple-making movements. He also the Making the Shift podcast.

Making the Shift (podcast)

Church Movements

Discovery Bible Study

Quotes from the episode:

But he (Jesus) began with the express intended outcome that he would launch a movement that would go beyond him.
But the point of doing disciple-making is not to end up with a church. The point of doing church is to end up with disciple-making, we’ve flipped the thing the wrong way.
Just like Jesus, we can only be in one place at one time. So we have to be discerning prayerful led by the Spirit.

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