Disciple-Making Coaches

How to Join

The heartbeat of Sonlife Ministries is to multiply disciple-making efforts, locally, regionally and globally. We want to equip ministry leaders with necessary tools to better align their ministries around the person of Jesus. You can become a Disciple-Making Coach in 4 Chair Discipling, Foundations and Reverb. If you are interested in multiplying our training in your ministry context, here are some basic checkpoints we look for in each training...

For 4 Chair Discipling:

  • Read the 4 Chair Discipling book by Dann Spader
  • Attend a Sonlife 4 Chair Discipling or Strategy Seminar

For Foundations:

  • Read the Walk Like Jesus book by Dann Spader
  • Attend a Sonlife Foundations Seminar

For Reverb:

  • Prerequisite: 4 Chair Discipling Certified Coach

If you’ve met these basic requirements, then we’d love to hear from you and begin the process of becoming one of our Disciple-Making Coaches.

Resources for Disciple-Making Coaches

What does certification as a Disciple-Making Coach (DMC) offer? Sonlife wants to assist you in growing your heart, mind and skills as a DMC. We realize that our trainings are just one of many tools you can use to better equip people to be on mission for Jesus. We offer our coaches full access to the following:

  • supplemental resource videos
  • trainer presentation slides
  • promotional material (posters, postcards and graphics)
  • commentary and study guide
  • hosting packets

Disciple-Making Coaches Account