XJ – Chicago,IL

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July 8-12, 2024

For more details, email us at xj@sonlife.com


At XJ, eXperience Jesus, we want students to have an encounter with the Living Christ. We want them to KNOW Jesus more deeply, LOVE Jesus more passionately, and SHARE Jesus more generously!

At XJ, students will be equipped to share the gospel, and they will be sent out on the streets to share the good news with others before they are sent home to share the good news with their friends. But at XJ, we want students to understand that the gospel is more than a message. The gospel is a person. Jesus said, “I am the way!” He IS the gospel. Students are inviting their friends into a saving relationship with Jesus.

As XJ changes the hearts of your students, we believe it will change the culture of your youth ministry, fanning the flames of disciple-making as your students are launched into a life of mission.


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