Identity: Learning Whose You Are

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We are invited to follow in the footsteps of Jesus so that we might become more like Him. Part of the journey is understanding who God is and our identity in Him, our purpose and the purpose of the church.
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Written by Christy Spader and Hannah Cosper

We are invited to follow in the footsteps of Jesus so that we might become more like Him. No matter where you are in this process of Christian maturity, this booklet is designed to help you grow in your own understanding and articulation of your Christian faith so that you might become a mature follower of Jesus who seeks to multiply your life to the glory of God. Identity is part of a series of booklets which are intended to be done in community. Written in conversational sections, the booklets are not specifically designed for individual study although you could use them in this manner. As Jesus often modeled by sitting in dialogue with His disciples, learning often has its greatest effect in the context of community.

Identity Conversations:

  • The Identity of God
  • The Activity of God
  • My Identity in Christ
  • My Purpose in Christ
  • The Body of Christ
  • The Purpose of the Church

These booklets are written for new or growing believers, high school age and older. The concepts give enough meat on the bone to dive deeper as a group.

There are four more booklets in the series:
Walk: Learning to Walk
Talk: Learn to Talk
Feed: Learning to Feed Yourself
Clean: Cleansed Living

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4 reviews for Identity: Learning Whose You Are

  1. Michael Lodge

    I have a youth ministry in the Pacific Northwest. I have over 30 leaders that I train to make disciples and this is the book that starts the conversations. Once a student gives their life to Christ, they have to start finding their new life hidden in Christ! This book makes it easy to help adults or peers start a disciple-making relationship with a new or young believer. I can’t disciple all the students in my ministry and this is a great tool to help give adults and students the confidence and direction to start on the disciple-making journey!

  2. Michael H. Olsson

    I am enjoying the study very much and would highly recommend it for all small groups.

  3. Unknown

    I think this is an excellent introduction to the Christian faith with an emphasis on why it matters to be a Christian. What does this mean to me in my every day life? There is a difference between knowing our eternal destination and understanding how to live out the Christian life on earth. Good stuff.

  4. Rhonda Gould

    I love the simple breakdown. I have been through the whole series and fixing to delve in again with a group of unbeliever and new Christians. Really looking forward to that. Sometimes the questions are a little hard to understand where you’re leading us but all in all I love the books.

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