Making Disciples Like Jesus with Joshua Edwards

Who do we consider as a model for making disciples? This week we have a conversation with Joshua Edwards about what it means to be making disciples like Jesus. The Four Chairs is a visual that Sonlife uses to talk about where people are on the disciple making process and we dive into that today.

Joshua is an Area Coordinator in the Chicago area with Sonlife, a youth pastor, and an adjunct professor at Moody Bible Institute. We hope that you enjoy the episode.

4 Chair Discipling (book)

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Quotes From the Episode:

Chair three is the worker chair or the, the fishing chair. You know, someone who’s actually doing the work of fishing for people. That as you do that, the natural progression what’s going to happen is you’re going to see disciples being made. Cause that’s the work that the Holy spirit is going to be doing in and through you as you’re obedient to his calling your life.

– Joshua Edwards

And that’s something that we are to be doing as followers of Jesus Christ. Not to make believers, but to make disciples. And so what does Jesus mean by that? It doesn’t just mean that they come to faith in Christ, but the objective, the the mission is to make disciples. So people who are also reproducing in their own lives.

– Joshua Edwards

Seeing that in my relationships that I build with lost people, I don’t need to be discouraged if they reject Christ, I can be encouraged that I’m being obedient to do what God’s called me to do, to continue to invite them to come and see.

– Joshua Edwards

So the, the purpose of this is as we call some closer, we’re going to equip them to be leaders and disciple makers, and they are going to go reach the others. But if I try to do it all on my own then it becomes very difficult.

– Joshua Edwards