Following in His steps with Dave Noden

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This week we talk about following in His steps with Dave Noden. It is a great conversation with a man who spent his life following after Christ one step at a time. Dave’s faithfulness to the assignments that he’s had from the Lord are truly encouraging.

Dave served with African Inland Mission for many years and in 1967 traveled by ship to their assignment in Africa. He is currently serving as a chaplain in his retirement community.

Africa Inland Missions

How “Knowing Him” impacted my life

Quotes from the episode:

We’re under assignment and I pray that we will always remember that. That we are never out from under assignment because we’re his, we don’t belong to ourselves.
You’ve got to get into the word so that you reflect him, you don’t know who he is unless you spend time there.
You know, one of the things that really hit me was last Sunday, I was speaking on faith, whether it’s a great faith or whether it’s a little faith and it’s not built on quantity, it’s built on believing God’s word.