How “Knowing Him” Impacted My Life

In November 2016, I took my youth leadership team to a one-day conference entitled, “Four Chair Discipling.” In the nineties, I was quite familiar with Sonlife and had completed training in Strategy. Some 20 years later, I found myself once again learning from the Sonlife experts in disciple-making. As I left the conference on that Saturday afternoon, I thought that my engagement with Sonlife was complete. I had gleaned some great information that was relevant, applicable, and accessible to making disciples of the young people in my youth ministry. But this was only the beginning! God had other plans for me.

In September of 2017, I joined the ministry of Sonlife as the NW Regional Director. As I began in this new venture, I immediately immersed myself in a Sonlife resource entitled, “Knowing Him.” And for me, it was a game changer! The Knowing Him is a 50-day study through the life of Christ. 

Come on an adventure that will take your breath away, the adventure of a lifetime. Come on an adventure of Knowing Him.
In fact, you were given eternal life so that you could pursue this adventure: ‘Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.’ 

John 17:3

This study is categorized into five distinct sections, looking at the five ministry phases of the ministry of Jesus. The cool thing about this study is that you can complete it in 50 days or spend 50 weeks on it. This study introduced me to a Jesus that I didn’t know. Each day I was met with four sections that took me on a Jesus journey. These sections included: Introductory thoughts and commentary, Outside the box, Live it Out, and Digging deeper. What I found interesting was that each day, a different section would challenge my heart, soul, and mind. The content gave me space to ponder and evaluate Jesus’ life and what it really means to be one of his disciples. 

Upon completion of the Knowing Him, I immediately wanted to take others on the journey. So similarly to Jesus, I invited a few ministry friends to “come & see” who Jesus is with new and fresh eyes… to join me in studying the Knowing Him. The results? These ministry friends too had a fresh encounter with Jesus and experienced HIM like never before! I can’t encourage you enough to join the adventure. The Knowing Him 50-Day Study is so worth your time and effort as you also seek to make disciples like Jesus.