Bridging the Generation Gap with Val O’Brien

This week we sit down with Val O’Brien to talk about bridging the generation gap in disciple making. It’s a great conversation with insights on making disciples through the generations.

Val recently joined the Sonlife team and will be helping out with the Traverse project. We are excited about this chance to spend time listening to a younger generation of leaders. Through this our hope is to better understand how we can continue to equip ministry leaders.

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Quotes From the Episode:

But I think the, the most compelling thing for me is to start with compassion that, you know, when we look at each other and realize that, a gen Z or didn’t ask to be born, you know, with a cell phone in their hands.

– Val O’Brien

there is no stage of life that unlocks a different understanding of who God is. But if we actually live together as the family of God, as he’s called us to we together, like get a richer picture of what that is.

-Val O’Brien

So even while, you know, we can talk these broad strokes about the things that are changing and how humans, and we’ll even just say Americans, like in particular view, reality, and view the world around them. How those things are changing. We did need to remember that there are a huge amount of unchanging truths that we can plant our feet on as followers of Christ.

-Val O’Brien