We are excited to share more on a new initiative that Sonlife will be developing in the months ahead. The idea of Traverse is an intentional way to explore the 4 generations:

Boomer -- born 1946-64 

Gen X -- born 1965-80

Millennials -- born 1981-2000

Gen Z -- born 2001-2013

These four generations are currently leading the church today, and they couldn’t be more different. The generational gap is wide and staggering. Everything from values, cultural norms, ethnicity, technology, sexual identity, workplace expectations, faith and the local church expression. We are on a path of change like no other and this is not because of Covid. The needs of younger leaders are changing yet the timeless principles of Scripture are constant. 

Traverse is a project to think differently with the same tools. I will be creating a team of leaders that will help quantify and evaluate the “what has changed” in order to calibrate and align Jesus’ disciple-making DNA for today’s leaders.


Bridging the

Disciple-Making Gap

Bridges are still needed in today's culture to span across uncharted territory. Culture has changed, and when you don’t, your organization becomes irrelevant.


Stage 1


Build the Team

Consult network of advisors

Communicate the plan

Secure funding

Methodology and Metrics

Stage 2


Listening Tour (6-8 locations)

Discovery and analysis

Explore and collaborate

Report and share findings


Stage 3


Test and prototype

Sustainable funding and longevity


Ongoing alignment and accountability

Our Passion

We believe today's emerging generations (Millennial/GenZ) possess more potential to make an impact in this world than any generation before. BUT -- in order for them to become these kinds of change agents, we must be crazy enough to think differently and build the bridge.




Area Coordinator

Val has over 10 years of youth ministry experience, is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute and earned a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Regent University. She is passionate about people knowing the transformative power of the Gospel, as well as training up a generation of leaders to be courageous and equipped servants for Christ.

Josh Yates


Associate Director

Josh serves as the Associate Director of Sonlife Ministries overseeing the national offices in Portland, Oregon. Josh also trains, coaches and mentors ministry leaders across North America. His passion is to see disciple-making communities fueled by a fresh encounter with Jesus. Josh is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute in Family Ministry and has over 25 years of youth ministry experience. He and his wife, Katie, joined the Sonlife team in 2011.

Equipping disciple making leaders

Let's build a bridge together

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