An Unhurried Life with Alan Fadling

This week are talking about an unhurried life with Alan Fadling. This audio is from a message Alan gave at D•Conference 2020. It inspires us to take a look at Jesus and learn from his rhythms.

Alan has been a pastor and spiritual director and runs Unhurried Living ministries.

You can buy An Unhurried Life here.

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Quotes from the episode:

I use the language of addiction because it describes as best I know how the nature of the wrestling that I did to be in recovery from this inner hurry.
When I’m in a hurry, I run past a lot of the life Jesus is trying to give me, grabbing for the life I think is somewhere else to acquire.
Jesus is unhurried enough so that he has time for everything that matters.
But in fact, Everything we do is just an opportunity to live in communion with God, to be a collaborator with Jesus in the work he is doing.