Living at the Pace of Grace with Alan Fadling

If we are always working on the next thing, always producing another event, always trying to make a difference, always giving, when are we taking time to sit and be with God. To inhale the grace he gives?

On this month’s episode, we have Alan Fadling. He is the founder and President of Unhurried Living Inc., as well as the author of An Unhurried Life and An Unhurried Leader. We talk about how to get more done by slowing down, by taking time to disengage. And yes, that does sound counterintuitive. So that is even more reason to take a listen to what he has to say, and why he’s saying it.

Post Podcast Reflection Questions

  1. In ministry we pour our lives into others and often run on empty tanks. How are you getting filled back up?
  2. Have you taken time in the last few months of quarantine to disengage, to slow down and find space with God?
  3. What needs to be pruned away in your life to help you bear more fruit? (John 15)
  4. Are you seeing the people you disciple make more disciples?

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