Join the Prayer Team

Jesus challenged his disciples not just to do the work but also pray for workers. Part of every disciple’s job is to pray earnestly for new workers. The gospel is a sent message that starts with mobilized people who are committed to pray. Prayer is essential for any movement. This goes without saying, but sadly it is often neglected. We want to change that. I trust you do as well.

A careful study of the Gospels gives us keen insight into the prayer life of Jesus. His ministry was shaped around prayerful dependence on his heavenly Father. In fact, the busier he got and the greater the demands of ministry became, the more often Jesus would slip away to pray. Prayer was essential to the life and ministry of Jesus. We want to reflect this priority in the ministry of Sonlife by asking people to join our prayer team.

We will send regular Prayer Guides to deepen your disciple-making prayer efforts and strengthen your prayer focus for strategic disciple-making initiatives across our globe. These Prayer Guides will be short and simple. We want to build a strong team of intercessors who are committed to praying for spiritual awakening as disciples are made and multiplied and movements are launched from our Jerusalem to the ends of the earth.

Pray for …

  • Daily pray for your personal disciple-making efforts with believers and unbelievers.
  • Daily pray for your local church and their disciple-making efforts to expand and deepen.
  • Daily pray for Sonlife to help build a disciple-making movement across North America.