Like Jesus

Along with the training, coaching, and mentoring that Sonlife provides to help you build a disciple-making ministry, we're always looking for ways that we can put proven tools in your hands to help you be more effective as a disciple-making leader.

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Like Jesus is a robust digital platform developed in collaboration with Clear Media to help your ministry implement Sonlife’s disciple-making training.

Clear Media is offering the Like Jesus app free for individual disciple-makers, or try the full Digital Access subscription for 30-days free for your small group, ministry, or church. The Digital Access subscription unlocks e-books, videos, metrics, messaging and more in the app as well as leader videos and sermon outlines for leaders.

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The app supports Sonlife’s disciple-making training by allowing individuals to take the 4 Chair Discipling assessment and then share the results with their church or small group to help evaluate the disciple-making culture of the ministry.

The app also includes other helpful tools like a digital version of Sonlife’s “Circles of Concern” and digital versions of Dann Spader’s Moody Publishing projects: 4 Chair Discipling, Walk Like Jesus, and Live Like Jesus.