D•Conference 2019


Join others from across North America at Sonlife’s disciple-making conference.  D•Conference is for ministry leaders who want to BE a disciple-maker, BUILD a healthy disciple-making ministry and develop practical skills to BEGIN a disciple-making movement.  Awaken a renewed passion to follow Jesus’ model and make disciples as He did.  Together we’ll be equipped and inspired to multiply our lives into others!

Orlando, FL  D•Conference
: January 15-17, 2019  

WhereBright Ministry Center, 11002 Lake Hart Drive, Orlando, FL 32832

Portland, OR  D•Conference
: May 2-4, 2019  

WhereVillage Church, 330 SW Murray Blvd, Beaverton, OR 97005
Registration for Portland will open in 2019.



7:30 am  /  Pre-Conference check-in opens
8:30 am  /  4 Chair Discipling (offered in Spanish & English) and Foundations Seminars
12:30 pm  /  Lunch provided for pre-conference participants
1:30 pm  /  4 Chair Discipling, Foundations or Reverb Multipliers certification workshops
3:00 pm  /  Pre-Conference concludes


3:00 pm  /  D•Conference check-in opens
3:30 pm  /  Disciple-Making Labs
4:30 pm  /  Break,  Dinner not provided
7:00pm  /  Main Gathering


8:30 am  /  Main Gathering
10:30 am  /  Training Tracks
12:30pm  /  Lunch provided
1:30 pm  /  Training Tracks
3:00 pm  /  Break
3:30 pm  /  Training Tracks
5:00 pm  /  Free evening to gather with your ministry team or other ministry leaders


8:30 am  /  Training Tracks
10:00 am  /  Break
10:30 am  /  Training Tracks
12:30 pm  /  Lunch provided
1:30 pm  /  Training Tracks
3:30 pm  /  Main Gathering
5:00 pm  /  Conference concludes

Training Tracks


Track 1A: For Youth Leaders
Track 1B: For Church Leaders
The Strategy Seminar looks at Jesus as our model for life and ministry.  What was His mission?  What were His motives?  What were His methods?  How did Jesus build a movement that would change the world?  We’ll look at the periods of time and phases in Christ’s journey that are foundational for healthy ministry development.  Typically done in 8 hours, the Expanded Strategy’s 10-hour format will provide additional coaching for implementation.


 Track 2A: For Youth Leaders
Track 2B: For Church Leaders

The Leadership Multiplication Seminar looks at the leadership multiplication phase of Jesus’ ministry, from the time He selected the Twelve through His commissioning of them at the Ascension. What did Jesus prioritize during this phase of His ministry?  How did Jesus prepare the Twelve for leadership?  How did Jesus intentionally multiply His life through others?
Pre-requisite: Strategy Seminar or a Live2:6 Group


Track 3
Pre-requisites: Strategy Seminar and Leadership Multiplication

Pre-Conference Add-ons


Available in Spanish & English
The 4 Chair Discipling Seminar looks at the model of Jesus for being a disciple who makes disciples, answering the questions:  What is a disciple?  What is the process for becoming a disciple who makes disciples?  Where am I at in that process, and what are my next steps?


The Foundations Seminar looks at the initial 18-21 months of Jesus’ ministry and six foundational priorities He established for a healthy disciple-making ministry.  These six priorities are:  Holy Spirit Dependence, Prayerful Guidance, Obedient Living, Word-Centered, Exalting the Father, Relationships of Love and Integrity.


The 4 Chair Coaches Certification Starter Kit includes:  Coach's Bag, Coach’s Guide, Web Access to Videos & Presentation Slides, 4 Chair Discipling book, and 10 - 4 Chair Discipling Seminar Guides.  (Note:  Only Certified Coaches have access to purchase 4 Chair Discipling Seminar Guides)


The Foundations Coaches Certification Starter Kit includes:  Coach's Bag, Coach’s Guide, Web Access to Videos & Presentation Slides, Walking As Jesus Walked book, and 10 - Foundations Seminar Guides.  (Note:  Only Certified Coaches have access to purchase Foundations Seminar Guides)


REVERB is one part of Sonlife’s training to help your ministry implement the disciple-making process.  As a REVERB Multiplier, we want you to see this training as a tool not only for YOUR ministry but also as a vehicle to MULTIPLY a movement of disciple-making to other ministries in your city, region, network or denomination.

Every part of REVERB has been intentionally designed to help disciples of all ages live out the Great Commandment and the Great Commission:  Love God•Love People•Make Disciples.  REVERB combines encouragement, equipping and hands-on experiences to help embed the character and priorities of Christ in each participant.

A Ministry Leader may become Certified as a REVERB MULTIPLIER when:

  • They have been Certified as a 4 Chair Discipling Coach
  • They have been through Sonlife’s Strategy Seminar
  • They are modeling disciple-making personally and in their ministry


/ "The conference has caused me to sharpen my focus in youth ministry.  I am evaluating how I need to shift the ministry moving forward to a focus on making disciples who are mature enough to make disciples.  I've already incorporated some of the materials into my teaching.  I look forward to attending next year." /

/ "My husband (youth pastor) and I attended last year, and again this year. We've signed up for next year and are excited to come and bring others with us. … Yes, the training was invaluable and we are excited to pass it along to our youth staff (my husband plans to get certified soon), but the time spent interacting with other men and women of God was such a boost for our spirit." /

/ "So many times I have felt alone in making disciples. It seems church staff feels intimidated when the issue of making disciples the way Jesus made disciples comes up. It was refreshing to spend a couple of days together with like minded people who are passionate about obeying the Everyday Commandment. The conference has given me fresh fuel to live out the command to make disciples." /

/ "To loosely paraphrase Dann Spader during the conference & to communicate my 40 + years of 'church' experience: There are plenty of preachers & teachers around. What we are in dire need of is equippers. I agree wholeheartedly with this! Sonlife is equipping the body of Christ to BE equippers." /