Disciple-Making Cohorts



Welcome to Sonlife's coaching platform for ministry leaders and led by ministry leaders. What exactly is a Disciple-Making Cohort?

  • A small group of 4-12 ministry leaders interested in growing together as disciple-makers.
  • Meets for three hours once a month, either in person or by video conference over Zoom.
  • Meets for six months and focuses its conversation and coaching on helping each other to implement Jesus’ strategy for making disciple-makers in our ministries.
  • Utilizes either Knowing Him or 4 Chair Discipling as a “module” to begin with.
  • Is facilitated by one of Sonlife’s Disciple-Making Coaches.
  • Is free of charge (just the cost of the resource).

In a nutshell, the Cohort is about implementation.  You will discuss and receive coaching (and coach others) to help you build a disciple-making ministry like Jesus did.

How does someone join a Disciple-Making Cohort?

  • Fill out the Interest Form to be contacted by a Sonlife team member.
  • Look through our Disciple-Making Cohort Facilitator Directory or find a Cohort on the Facilitators Map.
  • Contact the Facilitator whose group you would like to join.
  • Get the resource your group will be using.
  • Pray, asking God to use you in the group, and that God will use the group to help you implement the strategy of Jesus to build a disciple-making ministry where God has called you.