Learning Outside The Classroom with Joel Vermillion

How much learning outside the classroom do you use in your ministry? This week we sit down with Joel Vermillion and talk about his 30 years in wilderness ministry leadership. Disciple-making is more than just teaching. While information is important, how and when we teach are also important.

Joel has a passion for mentoring and training young ministry leaders through long-term relationships and intentional investment so that they can flourish in the roles at local churches. He uses the model and strategy of Jesus for his wilderness leadership training.

Wilderness Ministry Institute Course

Christian Outdoor Leadership (book)

Israel Study Tour

The Master Plan of Discipleship

Quotes From the Episode:

So the remaining time at Bible school, I don’t really remember any specific assignments. I do remember a couple of people who really loved me well and were very compassionate to me and very caring of me as a young man.

– Joel Vermillion

But you know, we leave the Walkmans at home. We, we leave some of the distractions and just have sustained opportunity for discussion.

– Joel Vermillion

It’s in those really practical applications all the times that some of the powerful learning can take place. If we give time and space and if we learn to grow in our facilitation as leaders for how we can help guide some of the learning and guide the conversation in a way that can open opportunities for students to really, really interact with scripture in a compelling, transformative way.

– Joel Vermillion