Just Do It!

“But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”” ‬‬

John 2:5 NLT

A Wedding Miracle.

Turning the water to wine.

Jesus’ first miracle.

One thing I’d never considered about this miracle is Mary’s perspective.

Why was she so concerned about the wine running out? Was this the wedding of a family member or relative? It would be fascinating if this was the wedding of one of Jesus’ younger siblings, but the language doesn’t seem to indicate that’s the case.

At this point in His life, though Mary knew that her Son was the Messiah, the Son of God, she had never seen Him perform a miracle. There was nothing Jesus had done yet to indicate that He either could or would perform this miracle. That thought makes Mary’s request even more interesting. Obviously, Mary knew from her Son’s miraculous birth that He was special. This first miracle demonstrates her great faith in Jesus. She believed He could do the miraculous without ever seeing Him do the miraculous.

Mary knew Jesus had left home to find His cousin John and be baptized. She knew He had now returned a few months later with His first followers. His ministry had begun. What Mary always believed her Son would one day be able to do, she now had confidence that His time had come and He had been released by His Father to step into His calling and anointing as Messiah.

Mary believed.

Mary challenged others to believe also.

“Do whatever He tells you.”

This simple statement reflects Mary’s faith.

This simple statement reflects Mary’s challenge.

What a great statement to say over and over again to those we are discipling.

“Do whatever He tells you.”




These three words are at the very heart of being a disciple.

NOTE:  This blogpost is based on a study of Knowing Him A 50 Day Study in the Life of Christ / Day 9