Intentional Living with Steve Hudson

This week we had a chance to sit down and talk intentional living with Steve Hudson. This is such an important topic for any ministry leader these days and Steve outlines the five characteristics of intentional living for us.

Steve has been a pastor and denominational leader for four decades in the church and has served on the board for Sonlife. He is currently the missions pastor at Hosanna Church in the Minneapolis area.

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Quotes from the episode:

We all have a tendency to be driven by the urgent, and not necessarily the most important, and if we’re not careful our hearts become tired. – Steve Hudson
And I’ve said that intentional people, they understand how God has made them and they play to their strengths and they find ways to shore up their weaknesses along the way. – Steve Hudson
And if you don’t figure out the big rocks, the kingdom assignments that God has given you, I guarantee someone else will figure that out for you. – Steve Hudson
The longer we do ministry, sometimes it is harder to listen to the Spirit and we become so confident in our own past abilities. We get to a point of painting by numbers and we start phoning in certain things in ministry. – Steve Hudson