Eric Schmitt

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How would you describe your role with Sonlife?

I see myself as a “Barnabas” to those I engage with in ministry & my ministry team. It is my passion to encourage or give courage to folks so that they can live the life they never dreamt possible...a life of significance...a life of mission...a life of being a disciple who makes disciples!

What do you enjoy about the ministry you do with Sonlife?

I love that I am encouraged first to seek the presence of God & then minister to others out of that intimate space.

What are the values that drive you?

I am driven by my passion for Jesus that gives me the fuel to pursue the soul health of ministry leaders.

What are your hobbies, favorite family activities or interesting fun facts?

I love cycling of all kinds! (Cyclocross, mountain, gravel, and recreational). I love camping with family & friends and I’m a gamer! I love lively competition!

Your top 3 favorite Podcasts/Books?


  • Soul Keeping by John Ortbeg
  • The Last Arrow by Erwin McManus


  • Churchome with Judah Smith